Shou Sugi-Ban is a wood preservation technique that originated in Japan, and involves burning one side of each piece of wood. The crew used this method to treat all of the local Yukon Spruce siding for a beautiful and durable mottled finish. 

Straw Bales insulated each of the north walls of the buildings. While straw bales are typically not used with a vapor barrier, local building inspectors required it, so this method to somewhat experimental. 

High performance building techniques were used during construction, including double stud framing, sheathing free roof construction, and dense pack cellulose insulation to exceed cold climate performance. Passive house principle were also followed in the design. 

Black Spruce features the first permitted utilidor in the city of Whitehorse. The insulated above ground box carries both the fresh water from the on-site well and black water pipes to the sewage tank. The rocky nature of the site was the ultimate decider of the utilidor. 

The units feature a kaolin clay natural plaster, which clads the interior walls of the units. This premium finish creates a beautiful, soft and natural finish. 


Other design elements include FSC certified Fir Flooring, paperstone countertops, local Yukon Spruce interior detailing, zero VOC paints, eco-House hardwood oils, and heated marble tiles. 

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